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Why Focus On Revenue Acceleration?

Because healthy companies know how to generate revenue on demand and accelerate revenue generation when needed. What are the key tools for revenue acceleration? Context, Enterprise Design, Mindset, Intentional Sales Leadership, Alignment of Critical Customer TouchPoints, Memorable Customer Service and something Rick calls “Smoothing the On-Ramp.”

So settle in, read some articles, enjoy some videos and then call Rick for a fascinating discussion about how you can accelerate your revenue and serve your customers at higher levels.

Author of:

Best Seller OverPromise and OverDeliver

and 11 others!

Is Your Sales Team Optimized?

Maybe it’s time to get a fresh point-of-view from an independent outsider. Rick will take your team to new heights and give them the confidence to go after the biggest opportunities.

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About Rick

Rick Barrera has lived “in the trenches” solving real world business issues for over 25 years as a consultant and business owner. As a speaker, he captivates audiences with real life stories and future focused thinking.

He is the Head of Faculty for The Center for Heart Led Leadership in Denver, Colorado, a frequent host of “Connect and Collaborate Radio” on Denver’s MoneyTalk Radio and  Co-Host of The Financial Advisor Show Podcast.

He has helped dozens of companies, radically shift their focus, invigorate their cultures, re-design their systems, accelerate revenue growth and serve customers at significantly higher levels. . His fresh thinking approach has influenced Abbott Labs, Ameriprise, Auto Crib, AutoZone, Bayer, Caterpillar, GMAC, IBM, Invisible Fence, Husqvarna, Intel, Merrill Lynch and Verizon – to name a few.

He has authored books on Leadership, Alignment, Branding, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service including Overpromise and Overdeliver: How to Design and Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences which was a Wall Street Journal and Business Week Best Seller.  

He lives in beautiful San Diego, CA with his two Perfect-Angel-Genius-Children.