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We Before Me Leadership Course

This is a leadership course that is bound to change your way of thinking forever.

19 Lessons

The Power of Listening

Active listening is one of the best traits you can develop. You’re about to discover all the secrets they never taught you in school!

9 Lessons

Collaborative Selling

In the Collaborative Selling curriculum we will cover how to follow the steps of the Collaborative Sales Process to meet your business objectives.

51 Lessons

The Dollars and Sense of Exceptional Service Delivery

This course is designed to help you discover what causes Moments of Misery for your customers, and to teach you how to create consistent Moments of Magic to ensure satisfied, repeat customers.

0 Lessons

Raise Your People IQ!

Here in the People IQ course, famed business legend Dr. Tony Alessandra shows you how to read people like a book so you can get along better with everyone!

24 Lessons

Mastering Customer Service

Mastering Customer Service, Creating Moments of Magic, will show you all the best business-growing practices that create authentic customer loyalty for longterm prosperity and success.

19 Lessons

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